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Sun, Oct 23


Mohala Maui

embody keys: groundwork

If you desire a boost to your personal practice, or to more deeply understand functional movement and its inherent healing, strengthening, and energy-balancing capacities, I invite you to Groundwork, a quickening in conscious embodiment.

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embody keys: groundwork
embody keys: groundwork


Oct 23, 2022, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Mohala Maui, Maui, Hawaii, USA


In this daylong adventure we will deeply explore movement and rhythm within familiar human shapes as we fold, lunge, pulse, and tone. We integrate human movement and function in relation to Source, nature, and the cosmos. We reorient to unity and what it means to fully empower the core and inhabit our midline as wild, conscious, re-evolutionary beings.

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The Experience

Imagine immersing yourself into primal yet familiar human shapes. As you crouch, lunge, fold, and squat, you begin to move rhythmically, exploring the possibilities, cultivating a sense of curiosity and wonder. You engage the movement, calling into tonal presence every fiber of your being while, simultaneously, you are experiencing profound spaciousness. You are recalling in your cells how it feels to know and express your inner wild and conscious animal. You begin to reorient yourself in core, in gravity, in bone and breath.

What is Embody Keys?

Embody Keys classes offer a glimpse into the origin of embodied wisdom practices such as Chi-Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, Kung-Fu, and Dance, while cultivating your personal sense of intuitive articulation and expression in a regenerative, evolutionary practice. We are reminded that, at our core, we already know how to move, breathe, reset, and revive. It is an experience of recalling our primal function and purpose - to become fully empowered, creative expressions of Source.

Embody Keys classes are widely accessible and adaptable, playful, and complementary to all systems of movement.

About Sean

Sean Tebor is a passionate guide in the arts and sciences of conscious embodiment and integrated awareness. Drawing on over 38 years in an ever-evolving journey, his alchemy and integration of functional movement, energy and breath awareness, locomotion, strength, mobility, and gut integrity help practitioners develop profound tools for deepest self realization and healing. Sean passionately lifts and deepens the human experience in an evolutionary remembrance of our primal purpose - to come fully into Being.

Sean offers group and private sessions, personal and group retreats, workshops, trainings, and more. In-person class is held weekly at Mohala in Ha’iku at 9am on Thursdays.

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