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Tue, Nov 15


Mohala Maui

Divine Feminine Emergence

You’re invited to enter the Temple of the Blue Lotus for this Seven-Part Tantric Temple Series, Hosted by Alindrina Z. This week’s session is "Anahata: The Center of Devotion"

Divine Feminine Emergence
Divine Feminine Emergence


Nov 15, 2022, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Mohala Maui, Maui, Hawaii, USA


Aloha Goddesses,

Feeling such sweet waves settling into our fields after the shakeup potentially offered us by the Eclipse portal. Our journey through the lower Chakras felt like the perfect alignment to meet and ride the potent energies we’ve just experienced cosmically and collectively. Leaving us so beautifully primed after this 11-11 portal to flow gently into a journey with our Heart Chakra, our Center of Devotion.

Here we come to rest in the vibrant temple of hymns and anthems. This humming vortex that offers us direct access to higher octaves of pure transformative love. This field of connection where we meet each other soul to soul and can allow ourselves to be utterly dazzled by the light in one another, and by the magic of life itself.

We will meet our sacred hearts, creating space to hear her songs. That we may be lulled in beauty and serenity, that we may feel the tender tugs calling us to open, and allow such a brilliance to pour through that we rush to kiss this life with our inner light. We will journey through a guided meditation into our heartspace, along with ritual and sacred embodiment to commune with our divine feminine aspect, and align with the attunement that wishes to guide the next chapter in our upwards spiral. Completing the evening in the warmth of the tantric weaving we create with our sisters. Sinking into love, safety, and softening, as we explore the sacred realms of our hearts together.

The space awaits your brilliance, beloved.

We will be gathering from 6-9pm in the Upper Living Room at Mohala.

You are encouraged to arrive between 5:30 and 5:45pm to give time to land in the space and transition from the outer world, as we will be be

Feel invited to dress in clothing that delights your body and is free to move in.

To reserve your space, please send a $33 offering to the link below:

Hosted by Alindrina Ajhahara

Contact Alindrina with questions at: 626-272-9780

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